Group Corporate Structure


Based in San Fernando, La Union, Shipside is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lepanto organized in 1958 for the following purposes:

  • To engage in handling bulk materials, products and supplies;
  • To maintain and operate terminal facilities, terminal warehousing, terminal ways, terminal stations, terminal factory and show room facilities;
  • To engage in the operation, repair, maintenance and overhauling of trucks, heavy equipment and all types of motor vehicles;
  • To engage in the general lumber business and to operate sawmills;
  • To engage in the manufacture of hollow blocks, cement products, wooden cases, container boards and crates for the packing of commodities;
  • To engage in the business of exploration, development, processing and marketing of minerals either by acquisition, joint venture of operating agreements with the holders of existing mining rights;
  • To engage in the business of operating a restaurant/resort.

Shipside has a capital base of P100 million and a paid-up capital of P36.3 million. It can be reached at this web address:


LIDC was organized as a wholly-owned subsidiary in April 1969; it has an authorized capital stock of P50 million and a paid-up capital of P42 million. It is engaged in the insurance business. As Lepanto's investment arm, it owns 31% of Philippine Fire and Marine Insurance Corporation and 100% of Diamant Manufacturing and Trading Corporation. The former is engaged in non-life insurance while the latter is engaged in the manufacture of industrial diamond tools for mining exploration, marble cutting and the construction business. Web address of Diamant Manufacturing and Trading Corporation is


DDCP was established in July 1971 as a wholly-owned subsidiary to handle Lepanto's diamond drilling requirements. DDCP has drilling contracts with several mining companies in the Philippines. It is capitalized at P200 million with a paid-up capital of Php 87.5 million.


FSGRI was incorporated in July 1989 to engage in the mining business. FSGRI holds an MPSA over close to a thousand hectares of mineral land in Makayan, Benguet. Authorized capital stock of the Company is P1 billion with a paid-up capital of P435 million.Lepanto owns 60% of FSGRI's share capital.